For the last few years, my dad and I have done Book BINGO together. The first year, I found one online and we used that. The last three years, we’ve created our own BINGO game with 24 categories + a free space. It has been fun to think up creative categories, share books we’re reading, and compare our BINGO cards at the end of the year.

My dad retired in summer 2016, and has had much more time to read. He is good about getting all his spots filled out, while I seem to only finish ½ – ⅔ of them. It’s more about the journey than the destination.

The best part about Book BINGO is that it encourages us to find new and different books that we wouldn’t have thought to read! I love the adventure and the challenge! For example, last year we added “audiobook” as a category because my dad hadn’t caught onto that game yet. This year, I challenged my dad to read a book on his iPad–he’s definitely a book traditionalist!

Some of our categories include: a book with a ______ color cover (we start with, “hey Mom, name a random color! — she’s onto us now, and this year she said chartreuse…thanks Mom!), book that won the _____ prize, book written before 1000 AD, book that includes mythology, and book about food.

I’ve created a Book BINGO for you to use, personally or with your students. I hope this helps encourage you to try new books and expand your library! Happy reading!

Do you have ideas for categories! I’d love to hear! Give me suggestions in the comments.


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