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2018.57 – Legendary

I look back to the blog post I wrote about Caraval in February 2017, and I can’t help but laugh. Everything I feel toward Caraval is mirrored in Legendary!

This is another gem by Stephanie Garber. Who, in a total fangirl Facebook moment, I found out is friends with one of my friends! Pardon me while I do a little giddy happy dance 😉

I just loved Caraval when I read it, and I devoured it so quickly! When I found out there was a sequel, I preordered it instantly. The hardcover book arrived on the release date, just before my June whirlwind of airplane travels. I’m learning how to pack light, so now I only with my Kindle. Sadly, Legendary had to be put to the side until I could give it the time and attention it deserves. I also had Legendary on hold from the library before it was released (May 29, 2018), but so did half a bajillion other people, so it wasn’t my turn–I was still 11th on the waitlist of 8 copies before I cancelled my hold this morning.

So what did I think? Undeniably, I love it.

A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win.” (Amazon description)

Legendary is just as dark and mysterious as Caraval. This one is narrated by Tella, Scarlett’s sister, and takes us on a wild ride filled with costly deals, deep secrets, and unsuspected betrayal. This book is unpredictable, and keeps twisting and turning just when you think there are answers. The vivid descriptions and dynamic characters drew me in immediately.

Ollie knows you’ll love Legendary too!

The book hangover is strong right now. I am still looking up, wondering what is real and what is all part of the game. Is there even a way to tell the difference?!

I can’t wait until the 3rd book in the series, Finale, comes out in 2019.

PS. If you’re into audiobooks, then definitely listen to this one. My most favoritest audiobook narrator, Rebecca Soler (she did the whole Lunar Chronicles series), reads this one! Even though I haven’t listened to it, but I know it’s good!

2018.23 – Wires and Nerves, Volume 1

That was fun! I read a graphic novel! I think the last graphic novel I read was Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi) back in 2014.

Wires and Nerves, by Marissa Meyer

I don’t usually gravitate toward graphic novels, but I picked this one up because I loved The Lunar Chronicles series so much. I’ve seen a lot of my students reading graphic novels lately, especially manga, and I can see why it is appealing–it was fun to see a lot of the action illustrated instead of written.

When I read, I like making my own mental pictures of characters and scenes. I thought I would have more trouble matching my own pictures to the graphic novel, but because it was drawings and not real people, I didn’t find this too challenging.

Wires and Nerves, Volume 1 was an easy read, and played on all the best parts of The Lunar Chronicles series. Iko is the main character, and it’s especially exciting to see her personality shine more. There are spoilers for the 5 books in the series, so don’t read it unless you’ve read the entire series.

The story picks up right after the end of Winter and it’s all about some of Iko’s adventures, challenges, and facing her android-ness (and some discrimination that comes with being an android with a strong personality). I loved that it checked in on all the characters from the series, almost like an extended epilogue. I wont say too much more than that, because spoilers.

I read Wires and Nerves on my Kindle, and the text was teeny tiny! Each screen was a 2 page spread, rotated horizontally. Thankfully, my Kindle taught me that I can double tap on a frame, and it’ll open it up full screen. Then, I can swipe through the rest of the frames on the spread. This did make reading slightly challenging. Next time, I’ll probably pull it up on my iPad or check out the book from the library.

Wires and Nerves, Gone Rogue (vol 2) is in my holds right now, and I’m looking forward to reading it soon!

2018.17-21 – The Selection Series

One of my students recommended this series to me, so I had to give it a go. I got a copy of The Selection, by Kiera Cass, audiobook from the library and started it right away. I was beyond hooked right away. And, I ended up finishing the first book in less than a day.

The Selection series, by Kiera Cass

Confession: I may have found some extra cleaning to do around the house, just to keep listening!

Immediately after finishing The Selection (or maybe it was right before I finished it), I checked out The Elite and The One audiobooks. Thankfully, they were both available! I started The Elite right away, I just had to know what happened next! I may or may not have finished The Elite AND The One on the same day…then, I checked out The Heir, and The Crown (Prince Maxon’s daughter, Eadlyn, is the main character) along with the other spinoff stories. I finished both of these books yesterday and today, respectively. And, I’m planning to start the extra stories sometime soon.

To recap, I finished all 5 books in 8 days!

Most of the time, my audiobook time is just commute time. This time, I spent some of the time cleaning and putzing around the house, playing games on my phone, and doing some mindless tasks on my computer.

The story itself is fairly simple. Another dystopian society–in this one there is a caste system, and America is a lowly 5 (out of 8). She enters the selection, a lottery system to find an eligible bride for the prince. She is selected, and joins 34 other girls at the palace for a whirlwind adventure. But, secretly, she’s in love with her friend Aspen (even lower, as a 6), vastly complicating matters as she gets to know Prince Maxon and the other girls.

Honestly, the story is fairly predictable, and obstacles come at regular intervals. I could be critical of the seemingly formulaic and overdone dystopian theme, but this was exactly what I needed right now. I appreciated that this series drew me in, got my mind off of external stresses, and transported me into a magical and royal world.