2018.67 – Where the Watermelons Grow

Where the Watermelons Grow by Cindy Baldwin was a thoughtful MG/YA book! Della Kelly is a 12-year-old in Maryville, North Carolina — she lives on her family’s farm with her daddy, mama, and baby sister.

Four years ago, her mama was hospitalized for months due to schizophrenia. When she finds her mother sitting at the table in the middle of the night, digging watermelon seeds from slices of watermelon. She is worried her mama is relapsing, and she sets out to do everything to prevent to help ease the stress.

Lucky for Della, she knows the Bee Lady’s honey can cure just about anything. So, why wont it work for mama? Unfortunately, the Bee Lady tells her that healing mama may have more to do with Della than mama.

Throughout the story, the way Della handles her mother’s illness, family responsibilities, farm stresses, and friendship are relatable. She is instantly loveable, with a great mix of compassion, fear, and spunk.

Not a spoiler: yes the watermelons grow down by the bay!

This is one I think many of my kids would also enjoy reading.

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