2018 Q2 Reading Updates

Back at the end of March, I reflected on the books I’ve read in the first 3 months of 2018 (read my blog post). It’s been 3 more months, so time for another update!

I enjoy blogging about the books I read. I don’t blog about every book I read, just based on time and energy, but I try to at least hit the ones that I particularly enjoy. It’s a good reflection practice, and I think it’s fun when people (and authors!! omg they have!) read my blog posts.

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So, how’s the reading going?

I have read 57 books so far this year, and 29 books from April 1 to July 10

  • 26 audiobooks = 126.225 hours of books (I listen on 2x speed, accounted for in this data)
  • 31 books = 14 ebooks + 17 books = 8978 pages

My goal is to always have my number of books greater than or equal to the number of audiobooks. And, I’m definitely on track to finish 100 books this year.

How’s the summer reading going?

Surprisingly, I haven’t been reading as much this summer as I expected. I did a lot of airplane traveling in June; airplanes put me to sleep pretty quickly, so there wasn’t as much reading time as I hoped.

And, I’ve been trying to get my book, Fueled by Coffee and Love: The Refill put together, edited, and ready for publishing–a totally different type of reading! So, once I get the proof, I’ll count that toward my total.

Favorite Books from Q2

These favorites are in no particular order. The links are to previous blog posts, if you’d like to read more. I lean toward Young Adult (YA) fiction, because I find such a depth and complexity in the stories and characters, as they’re learning to navigate their worlds and faced with tough choices.

Updated Book Graphs

I really enjoy collecting data on what I read. It’s fun to watch my trends and charts, and insanely gratifying to enter a completed book onto my spreadsheet. Because nerds will be nerds!

chart (2)
Book breakdown per month. July is tiny, because it’s still going on. 
chart (1)
Book type breakdown. I always aim to have audiobooks < 50%
As I mentioned before, I tend to lean toward Young Adult (YA) lit. 

Anyone else collect book data? If so, what types of data do you collect?

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