2018.52 – Word Nerd

It’s no secret I adore Susin Nielsen! I first read We Are All Made of Molecules a few years ago, after a friend sent me a link to preorder it. I mean, it has molecules in the title, so a science teacher must love it, right? Duh!

I read it as a read aloud to my 7th graders two school years ago (read more here), and they loved it! I did the same this year with a similar response. There are so many places to stop and chat in that book.

I’ve had Word Nerd on my stack for a few months, and I finally read it. There really wasn’t much time between the start and finish because it instantly hooked me, and I had a hard time putting it down.

Ambrose, a social awkward 12-year-old, is pulled out of school to be home schooled after his “friends” put a peanut in his sandwich, not believing he was actually allergic to peanuts. He befriends Cosmo, his landlords’ ex-con son, and together they join the Scrabble Club. The catch? Ambrose’s mom doesn’t know and definitely doesn’t approve of his friendship and joining the Scrabble Club.

I adore the way Susin Nielsen develops her characters. She’s great at giving them quirks, and making them instantly likeable! Plus, she doesn’t shy away from addressing family dynamics, honoring both the struggles of the parents and kids.

If you haven’t read any of her books, I highly recommend them! All of them! (Even the ones I haven’t read yet…)


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