2018 Q1 Reading Updates

Time for an update!
I have read 28 books so far this year: 14 audiobooks and 14 books (8 ebooks + 6 books). That’s 3665 pages and 64.975 hours of books! I account for listening speed in my data too; I listen to most audiobooks on 2x, so a 12 hour books is really reported as 6 total hours. My goal is to always have my number of books greater than or equal to the number of audiobooks. And, I’m definitely on track to finish 100 books this year.

I’ve read far more YA books than any other category (22/28)! It’s definitely one of my favorite genres. I blame the influx of YA authors I’ve followed on Twitter in the last few months, leading me to buy and/or checkout their books. It has been a fun adventure, especially seeing all the book releases and book announcements.

I really enjoy collecting data on what I read. It’s fun to watch my trends and charts, and insanely gratifying to enter a completed book onto my spreadsheet. Because nerds will be nerds!

It’s so cool you have a book blog, Mari!
I’ve heard this quite a few times lately. This is a goofy little side project, just for funsies. In fact, I see it as so much fun that I don’t consider it to be work, thus I am allowed to write book blog posts on Sundays (read more about my work/life balance rules).

Blogging helps me better keep track of what I’ve read and reflect on why I liked a book. I always wanted to keep up a book blog, and I’ve had numerous failed past attempts–finally this one formed a habit!

Favorite Books from Q1
These favorites are in no particular order. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read this year, so these are some that stood out.

How do I have so much time to read?
How do you have so much time to binge Netflix shows? Or work out? Or garden? Or [insert hobby here]?

I usually read before bed. And, I often bring a book with me when I know I’ll be waiting for something, such as recently when I needed to get a smog check. Other times, it’s just my unwind or relaxation activity. Just like some people binge watch shows (just one more episode), I sometimes find myself up until 1am finishing a book.

I listen to audiobooks on my commute to work, at the gym, or while cleaning the house. Or, if I’m really in a lazy mood, while playing mindless games on the couch.

Recommend me a book!
I’m always taking book recommendations! Fill out this form to recommend me a book!


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