2017.11 – Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Somewhere in late 2016, I saw a list of hot new books released in early 2017. I immediately got onto the holds list from the library. A few of them I had to recommend to the library e-collection. Recommend means they don’t have it in their collection, but it alerts them that I’m interested. Somehow, maybe once they have enough requests, they will purchase the book and I’ll receive an email. So, I got on the waitlist, and waited.

Caraval and a couple other books came up for me at the same time. Usually, I’m good at suspending my holds (stay on the holds list, but it wont check out to me until I unsuspend the hold–definitely a pro move!), but I got too busy and forgot. Now I have a whole lot to read in 3 weeks!

I started Caraval, and wasn’t so sure about it at first. The story was a little slow and the characters seemed to drag out a bit. Then, after about 25% through the book, I started getting really into it! In fact, I started reading on Saturday afternoon when I was at about 35% completed…and binge read the rest of the book!

All you need to know for this book: if you love Breakout EDU and/or escape rooms, then you’re going to go nuts over this book! Scarlett has always dreamed of the magic of the Caraval, a cross between a game and a performance where reality and fantasy are often a thin line. When she and her sister, Tella, are whisked away to the game, Tella is kidnapped, and Scarlett must navigate magic, heartbreak, and twists in order to save her before the five days are up.

This is one of those books where I read a few chapters, then have to get up and walk around. It was fairly intense, but even more confusing and complex.

At the end, I was left in the fogginess, suspended between fantasy and reality. I look around, and try to piece my life back together, remembering who and where I am. I call this experience a book hangover. (Makes sense after a reading binge, right?)

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